Healthy Chia Pudding Cups

vegan chia pudding

I’ve been doing a lot of healthy baking lately such as healthy two ingredient oatmeal & chocolate-chip cookies, three ingredient healthy chocolate-chip muffins, etc. I felt like switching it up this weekend and I made three different flavors of healthy… Read More

My Fitness Journey: 2014 – 2015

fitness goals

Consistency Is Key For 21 weeks now I’ve been the most consistent I’ve ever been with a workout program. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been following along with Kayla Itsine’s 12-week plyometric focused workout program, as well as… Read More

Hiking the Appalachian Mountains

Appalachian Hiking

Over Memorial Day weekend this year my boyfriend and I wanted to go camping/hiking somewhere close by. Lucky for us there are some great Appalachian trail heads that begin just a few hours north from us, so we packed up… Read More

3-Ingredient Chocolate-Chip Muffins

vegan chocolate chip muffins

One of the reasons I look forward to the weekends so much is that I have the time to try new recipes! Lately I’ve been getting into healthy desserts and these 3-ingredient chocolate-chip muffins were a total hit! They are… Read More

Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Disney World with sisters and Ryan

Last week I went to Disney World in Orlando, FL with my two amazing sisters. It was my younger sister’s senior year spring break field trip, and my older sister signed up to be a chaperone. When I found out I thought,… Read More