Eating Vegan In Taiwan: Part 2

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This post is a continuation of Eating Vegan In Taiwan: Part 1. I have tons more info to share about vegan food in Taipei, so get ready! Let’s dive back in. Fried Tofu Fried Tofu is very popular in Taiwan…. Read More

Eating Vegan In Taiwan: Part 1

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This is my official guide on how to eat vegan in Taipei, Taiwan. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty easy! Recently I tasted some of the best food I’ve ever had there. I visited quaint little tea shops, vegan bakeries, all-you-can-eat buffets,… Read More

Fresh Citrus-Beet Juice

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My juicing spree continues for another week! Yes, I’m still eating regular meals each day, but I’ve been loving how all this fresh fruit and vegetable juice has been making me feel. So once again I bought huge bags of… Read More

Refreshing Green Vegetable Juice

green vegetable juice

For the past four weeks I’ve been on the road and traveling. It was a fun four weeks with friends and family, but it was also a bit draining by the end of it! I try to maintain my healthy… Read More

Vegan Chili Cheese Fries

chili cheese fries

I love to eat healthy, but even I crave junk food from time to time. This week, for some bizarre reason (because I haven’t eaten them in years) I was craving chili cheese fries! If you’re craving a delicious comfort… Read More

Asian-style Sesame Cauliflower Wings

Cauliflower Wings

I’ve tried a few cauliflower wing recipes before, but these Asian cauliflower wings are by FAR my favorite! I was inspired by a recipe I saw on Jessica in the Kitchen, and decided to try putting my own spin on… Read More

Hanoi, Vietnam


My adventure in Southeast Asia finally comes to a conclusion in Hanoi, Vietnam. I honestly couldn’t believe that we had made it to our final city. It felt like we had been traveling in Asia for a month, at the… Read More

Phuket, Thailand


My adventure in Southeast Asia continues in Phuket, Thailand! I last wrote about my amazing two days in Bangkok. After a short 2 hour flight to the southern part of Thailand my friend Cruise and I found ourselves in a… Read More

Bangkok, Thailand

After some relaxing beach days in Bali, Cruise and I were ready to pick up the pace again and head to the busy city of Bangkok, Thailand! I really didn’t know what to expect in Bangkok. I knew almost nothing… Read More

Bali, Indonesia


For those who haven’t read my Tokyo blog post, this next post is a continuation of that story. The second destination Cruise and I went to in Southeast Asia was the island of Bali! We could not WAIT to get… Read More

Tokyo, Japan


This February I had the incredible opportunity to travel with a friend through Southeast Asia for two weeks. WOW what a two weeks it was! We started in Japan, then went on to explore Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam together. It… Read More

Spicy Bean Chili and Fiesta Cornbread

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For Christmas my boyfriend got me The China Study Cookbook, something I had really wanted, and I was finally able to try a recipe from it! I don’t think I even like cornbread all that much, but when I saw… Read More