Spiced Carrot Muffins

spiced carrot muffins

My muffin-kick continues this week with spiced carrot muffins! One dessert that I happen to love, but rarely get, is carrot cake. Cake in general always just seems so tedious to make, and so I thought I’d simplify that craving… Read More

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

spaghetti squash pad thai

Lately I’ve been on an Asian kick that I just can’t seem to get rid of! I swear all I’ve eaten last week and this week was different flavors of Asian cuisine. That being said, I did create a BANGING… Read More

Taipei, Taiwan

things to do in taipei

This post is all about fun/interesting things to do in Taipei. If you’re planning a trip there, or just passing through looking for things to do, I hope this post gives you some ideas! Taipei has so much to offer,… Read More

Sugar Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins

sugar free lemon blueberry muffins

This past Sunday was Easter, and while I don’t normally do anything fancy for the occasion, I was reeeallly in the mood to bake. Growing up my mom always made a morning brunch for the family on Easter Sunday. One… Read More

Baked Peanut Tofu Bowls

baked peanut tofu

Some weeks I like to get wild in the kitchen and come up with fancy new inventions. This week I was craving simplicity. I recently created a new sauce that is nutty and spicy that I really liked. Inspiration for… Read More

Granny Smith Pear Applesauce

pear applesauce

This pressure cooker pear applesauce is such a warm, tasty treat. I looove applesauce, and ever since I bought my Instant Pot pressure cooker I’ve been excited to try and make it from scratch. There is no added sugar in… Read More

Garden Veggie Pesto Pizza

pesto pizza

Have you ever been sitting around thinking, “I feel like eating a TON of vegetables right now…” – ? Well, that’s kind of where my inspiration for this pesto pizza came from! Growing up my favorite kind of pizza was… Read More

Kale Pesto With Sun-Dried Tomatoes

kale walnut pesto vegan

Pesto is one of those sauces I feel like I could put on anything! I love pesto pasta, pesto pizza, pesto on toast, pesto mixed with hummus, pesto tofu – you name it. Because it’s traditionally made with olive oil… Read More

Strawberry Cherry Smoothie Bowl

My attempt at smoothie bowls continues this week, with a colorful strawberry cherry bowl for your breakfast inspiration! I think this smoothie bowl turned out just as good as my Kiwi Mango smoothie bowl from earlier this week (which was… Read More

Kiwi Mango Smoothie Bowl

kiwi mango smoothie bowl

Lately I’ve been seeing all sorts of creative and colorful smoothie bowl pictures on Instagram and thought “Hey, why not try and make one too?” : ) This whole-foods plant-based breakfast is super healthy as well. The base is made… Read More

Eating Vegan In Taiwan: Part 2

food guide Taiwan

This post is a continuation of Eating Vegan In Taiwan: Part 1. I have tons more info to share about vegan food in Taipei, so get ready! Let’s dive back in. Fried Tofu Fried Tofu is very popular in Taiwan…. Read More