Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

Finally, Shanna and I arrived in Munich, Germany. It was the last city we would spend time in together before parting ways, and the thought of that was bittersweet for both of us. Our whole trip together had been amazing so far. “The Dream Team” is what Shanna called us. Well, for our last days of the trip together our team got slightly bigger. Shanna’s little brother Phillip (aka Pedro) flew over to join us! His plan was to accompany Shanna for her last 2 weeks in Europe, and he had a few days overlap in Germany with us for the end of my trip.

Munich Church

Munich garden

Munich Germany flowers

As we had done in every other city so far, we spent the majority of our first day together just exploring and seeing where our feet took us. Pedro was dead-tired from just getting off his flight, but we made sure to get a full day’s worth of exploring out of him (after all, it was my second to last day!).

Munich Pedro

Munich Shanna Natalie

We stumbled across a few gardens and eventually ended up at a large (and apparently famous) beer garden called “The Hofbräuhaus.” We enjoyed some very good beer there, and a pretty delicious lunch too!

Hofbräuhaus München Munich

Hofbräuhaus Munich inside

Back at our hostel we met a friendly Canadian in our hostel room (though honestly, has anyone ever met an UN-friendly Canadian? Haha) and he joined us for some of our wandering. That night we went out with some of our other Hostel roomies and found some traditional German food to eat. Similar with Austria, Germany was the only country we had been to that DIDN’T have English in the menus. I found this pretty odd! Needless to say, ordering when everything is in German was difficult, but we made it work. We found ourselves at a beer garden and enjoyed a night out on the town with our new friends.

Munich sightseeing

Munich Chopin statue

The next day was my last day in Europe. Being able to dictate a good portion of our itinerary because of that, there were some gardens I wanted to visit – including some beer gardens! We found a bunch of random gardens to walk in and explore, which of course I loved because as I have mentioned many times before, I love nature! We explored the English Gardens some more, found some Asian inspired landscape, and some river surfers! Apparently going to the English Gardens to surf in Munich is a popular past-time, so we stood and watched the surfers for awhile.

Munich English garden Japanese garden

Munich English Garden Asian Garden

Munich English Garden surfers

These gardens, the “English Gardens” was also home to the largest beer garden in Munich. It was supposedly at the center of this large park, so into this park we explored even further in a quest to find this beer garden. Our Canadian friend was with us today too, and the four of us had a great time exploring the park (which is gigantic). When we finally did reach the center, we were quite surprised by what we saw! A giant Chinese/Japanese pagoda greeted us at the center, and we had found the beer garden. We all found it hilarious that we were in an ENGLISH garden, in GERMANY, at a massive JAPANESE pagoda to drink beer. So, enjoy a beer we did. Or maybe two, or three. 🙂

Munich English garden beer garden

Munich English Garden park

At this point in the trip I was running on fumes for energy, so I did not protest when we all agreed that heading back to the hostel to rest was a good idea. I was still sad about the fact I was leaving the next day, but I had made so many new memories that I knew would be with me the rest of my life. I did manage to make one last great memory though, by finally trying the one food I desperately wanted to try while in Germany: Apple strudel!

Munich Germany apple strudel

And so finally the fated day had come. Shanna and Pedro hugged me goodbye as they turned in one direction from our hostel to go adventuring, and I turned the other direction to head to the airport. From the moment I turned around to go to the train station I missed Shanna already.

And so, this concludes my trip in Europe the summer of 2015. I had an absolutely AMAZING time in each country, each city, every restaurant I ate at and every bar I drank at. I enjoyed every hilarious, stupid, and silly moment I had with Shanna, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. For anyone looking to visit this part of the world for a once in a lifetime experience, I can’t recommend these cities enough. My final pieces of advice? Make a plan before you go, and then expect to only complete 50% of it once you’re there. Life happens even on vacation, and the best of our planning can and will go awry. Whether we stuck to our plans our not though, Shanna and I had an incredible trip together.

They are memories I will never forget.

Closing thoughts about Munich:

  • They love Kabobs here (Middle Eastern dish that resembles a wrap with lamb or chicken meat)
  • Smoking was everywhere, as I had noticed in every other city
  • Munich has a LOT of gardens and parks in it, which I found to be very cool! Big gardens, small gardens, big parks and small parks were around every corner
  • The street layout and architecture here looked the newest compared to any other city so far (probably because of past wars)
  • Restaurants are very stingy in Europe, be careful not to use anything on a table when you sit to dine somewhere, they will charge you for EVERYTHING

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